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Triangle Bridge Club

Ed Fuller

Ed Fuller is a certified bridge teacher who teams with Maggie Lindquist to teach adult and youth bridge camps. Ed is a board member on our Unit 191 Board and he is an active mentor and volunteer.

Jeff Boak

Jeff’s mission is to support beginner and intermediate players from 0-200 points, and he runs thematic workshops at Triangle Bridge on Saturday mornings at 9:30am. His interactive format allows his students to benefit from a presentation of a chosen topic and then practice with prepared hands while Jeff supervises play.

Chris Moll

Chris is a professional bridge player, teacher, and Platinum Life Master who has ranked as high as 11th on the Barry Crane Top 500.  He is a regular speaker at ACBL Regional and Sectional tournaments and has given hundreds of lectures to help players advance their enjoyment of the game. Chris has also taught youth summer camps and on cruise ships. He stays abreast of current developments and techniques by competing in national, regional and sectional tournaments throughout the country. Chris shares his passion for the game as well as his extensive knowledge in classes that challenge advancing players.

Valerie Roberts

Valerie is a certified director and bridge teacher.  After Valerie retired from teaching language arts in Michigan public schools for more than 30 years, she used her teaching expertise and passion to teach bridge to beginner and intermediate players. Valerie has taught the entire ACBL bridge series including Bidding, Play of the Hand, Defense, and Conventions at Triangle Bridge, as well as introductory classes to Two over One, and she has patiently inspired countless players to learn and love the game.   In addition to teaching, Valerie runs the Friday 0-500 game at 12:20pm and the Saturday Play & Review game at 9:30am.  When she is not teaching you can find her at the table or in her garden.

Maggie Lindquist

Maggie is a life-long bridge player, Life Master, and certified bridge teacher. Maggie believes in providing each student a solid foundation of bridge knowledge from which they can build. She teaches youth and adult’s summer bridge camps at Triangle Bridge and other locations.  She plays regularly at Triangle and is an active mentor to advancing bridge players.